Most of us understand that one of the most effective means to ensure our cats’ safety and security is to keep them strictly indoors. The exterior world poses dangers like predators, contaminated pets, air-borne illness, traffic etc. But did you recognize that your home is also a possibly dangerous area for your pet?

Suburbs as well as remote houses can be threatening to indoor pet cats due to the wildlife creatures in those areas. And some wildlife pets like the raccoons are also common for densely inhabited urban locations. Quick Contact for best Raccoon Removal Services in your location.

You might or may not have actually heard that you’re not meant to permit your kitty to stroll the backyard unsupervised or that you should not leave pet cat food outside/ near open home windows. The feasible existence of close-by raccoons is one of the factors as to why you shouldn’t do these points.
Not only are these animals aggravating, but they aren’t exactly the safest option for your pet cat to make friends with.


Due to the fact that raccoons are dangerous to cats of all types and ages.
Why are raccoons harmful?

There are lots of types of hidden dangers which these pests position for felines. Below are some of the main worries, which you need to bear in mind.

Exterior as well as interior parasites
Transferring rabies and also various other similar conditions
Disturbing the otherwise calm environments
Taking your pet cat’s food
Attacking or killing your feline

Yes, raccoons can pose a lethal danger to your feline or kitty, no matter its type. Not only do these creatures lug a selection of bloodsuckers and conditions, but they can additionally strike your family pet.

As you most likely understand, having your pet cat fight with various other felines is deadly. Well, raccoons are deadly as well.

They’re larger than your normal cat as well as they can beat a feline’s searching reactions with noteworthy ease.

Yep, these menacing pranksters have excellent detects and also searching abilities. So if it involves a battle, possibilities are the raccoon will win it.

Regrettably, there’s no solitary best way to avoid raccoons from getting near your feline. As long as you’re living in a location where raccoons live, there’s a possibility for your feline to experience one such pet.
Do raccoons assault felines?

Raccoons are generally nocturnal creatures, similar to cats. Plus, their wild searching impulses resemble the inborn impulses of your cat. And due to the feline territorial behavior, it’s possible that your pet cat can come face to face with a raccoon.

While it depends on the circumstance, it’s fairly usual for a raccoon to strike a feline.

If two meat-loving, territorial as well as smart hunters such as the raccoon and also the cat fulfill, they will not end up being best pals. As well as wanting the raccoon’s benefits in terms of dimension, rate and attacking skills, many residential pet cats can’t defeat them.

On the other hand, it’s additionally possible for two creatures of these species to become friends. Relying on the pet cat and the raccoon’s emotional reactions to their surroundings, they could endure each other’s company. But if they engage in a battle, do not bank on your family pet’s large good luck.

Do raccoons consume cats?

Despite the fact that this has been the topic of some rather serious conflict, raccoons can certainly consume pet cats, lap dogs, and also various other tiny pets.

Kittens remain in deadly danger if a raccoon is near them. The wild creature will certainly most definitely try to strike and also eat the kitties.

Larger residential pet cats are far much less most likely to be consumed by a wild raccoon, yet they can still obtain attacked. In such instances, the feline may become lethally hurt or may acquire a severe condition that might in return shorten its life-span. Or to put it simply, if the raccoon doesn’t eat the pet cat, it might still cause a deadly end result.

Exactly how to protect your feline from raccoons

There’s no requirement to choose pet cruelty with poisonous substance or traps. Below are a couple of suggestions as well as methods on just how to stay clear of raccoons wandering around your home as well as your pet cat.

Tidy your backyard. Do not leave complete trashcans outside or anything that could smell attracting starving and curious animals.
Safe and secure windows and also fractures/ openings. Raccoons can quickly enter attic rooms and basements through unsealed cracks and open home windows. Once the animal remains in your home, it ends up being even more difficult to protect your cat from it.
Do not leave food around. Don’t leave food near open home windows or in the yard. The exact same holds for table scraps and also leftovers, as they might additionally bring in an undesirable site visitor.
Opt for a much better fence system. Pro pointer– these can keep your felines at bay too.

Wild Animals Animal Control has a great write-up on humanely handling raccoons, so see to it you check it out before you begin establishing any type of traps. And also last but not least, if you’re believing there’s a big raccoon population in your location, just call the regional wildlife services.